BigRoddy's 7th Annual Dinger Derby MLB Pool (2021 Edition)

It's almost time four our 7th edition of the MLB HomeRun Pool! Pick your team of 10 sluggers from the groups provided, most dingers wins!

To Enter: Entry Info (PDF)

Deadline: Thursday, April 1, 1pm (Eastern)

Additional 2021 Rules

  1. If the season is ended prematurely, the pool will be considered complete and the pay out awarded as long as at least 1 team has completed 80 games.
  2. If the pool is not considered complete, everyone will be refunded their entry fee.
  3. If you have selected someone that ends up on the Opt-Out list prior to the season, you will have 2 days to reply with an alternate selection. I will be monitoring the list until the first game is played and notifying anyone with that selection.
  4. Any player getting the virus and/or opting out after the first game starts will not be modified.

Past Champions

2021Tracy Hubbell-DeVries (349)Bo Knows - Ken Ellis (205)
2020*Mark Bryce (124)Donny's Diamonds (94)
2019Ken Ellis (377)Tracy Hubbell (264)
2018Jonathan Tang (341)Jon Anderson (193)
2017Rick Scott (325)Shannon Freeman (235)
2016Ericka Schmaltz (343)Robert Conrod (239)
2015Ray Yoshizaki (336)Dustin Aubin (210)