BigRoddy's 6th Annual Dinger Derby MLB Pool (2020)

It's go time on our 6th edition of the MLB HomeRun Pool! Pick your team of 10 sluggers from the groups provided, most dingers wins!

To Enter: Entry Info (PDF)

Deadline: TBD 1pm (Eastern)


We are still planning on holding this pool, assuming there is a MLB season of some sort this year. We will update the deadline as necessary. Those that have already made their picks will have until the new deadline if they wish to make any updates to them.

I'm hopeful this won't drag on too long, and they can get back on the field for at least 80-100 games. I will email out an update when we have some additional information regarding a season start.

Past Champions

2019Ken Ellis (377)Tracy Hubbell (264)
2018Jonathan Tang (341)Jon Anderson (193)
2017Rick Scott (325)Shannon Freeman (235)
2016Ericka Schmaltz (343)Robert Conrod (239)
2015Ray Yoshizaki (336)Dustin Aubin (210)