BigRoddy's 10th Annual Dinger Derby MLB Pool (2024 Edition)

It's almost time for our 10th edition of the MLB HomeRun Pool! Pick your team of 10 sluggers from the groups provided; most dingers wins!

To Enter: Entry Info (PDF)

Deadline: Monday, April 1, 2:00pm (Eastern)

Past Champions

2023Jason Hunwicks (329)Mike DeVries (243)
2022Ian Elliot/Dale McDonald (Tie - 307)Ali Hallal (199)
2021Tracy Hubbell-DeVries (349)Bo Knows - Ken Ellis (205)
2020*Mark Bryce (124)Donny's Diamonds (94)
2019Ken Ellis (377)Tracy Hubbell (264)
2018Jonathan Tang (341)Jon Anderson (193)
2017Rick Scott (325)Shannon Freeman (235)
2016Ericka Schmaltz (343)Robert Conrod (239)
2015Ray Yoshizaki (336)Dustin Aubin (210)