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May 16


A couple new names on the leaderboard this week as Hubs Has Chickens and Dawson Clapp make their way into the top 5. Mike Kirkwood and Michael Murray have separated themselves from the pack, jumping out to a 10 HR lead on 3rd place. That should serve as a decent injury buffer in case one of their players goes down for any length of time. Rank sits in 3rd place followed by the 2 newcomers. The high score for the week was 18 bombs, achieved by Michael Murray and Scott Case. It was a relatively slow start to the week, then Saturday came and it seemed like over half of the HR hit were by guys in the pool.

Cody Skelton is now the low man on the year, and trails 2nd last by 4. Low score for the week was Michael Huang's 5, which dropped him significantly in the standings. That said, in that bunched up middle section, even a couple dingers can mean a 10 spot swing.


Aaron Judge was the week's top slugger, bashing 5 out of the park (nothing like a series against the O's to get you going), followed by Vlad Guerrero Jr's 4. Judge and Ronald Acuna are the pool leaders with 12 a piece, while 9 guys total are in double digits now.


Corey Seager took a pitch to the hand, and is likely going to be out a while. Gleyber Torres has the 'Rona and will be out for a bit (not that it matters, he wasn't doing jack squat in the line up anyway). Fernando Tatis Jr, is on the COVID-19 list as well. Bryce Harper was removed from their game on Saturday with a shoulder injury, and may be headed for an IL stint.

Luke Voit, Juan Soto and Miguel Sano have returned to their respective line ups.

  • C. Bellinger - IL 10 - out indefinitely
  • E. Jimenez - IL 60 - out until Sept
  • L. Robert - IL 10 - sounds like it could be 3-4 months
  • C. Seager - IL 10 - out indefinitely
  • G. Springer - IL 10 - out indefinitely
  • F. Tatis Jr - COVID-19 list
  • G. Torres - COVID-19 list
  • E. White - IL 10 - out indefinitely


Maybe after the move I'll have time to spend on upgrading the website.

Top 5

1Mike Kirkwood51
2Michael Murray50
3Jack Klooster48
T4Jonathan Tang47